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Sith Botnet - The DVELP Digest No. 67

Maria ChristinaFebruary 02, 2018

  • Could this botnet be taking your gadgets over to the dark side?

  • Facebook finally talks privacy

  • The UK’s Digital Minister has launched an app - with some serious privacy flaws

  • A list of 2018’s top fintech trends from blockchain to AI

  • Simple tips and tricks to make your digital data more secure

  • Which tech events will you be attending this year?

The Backstory

#random is a Slack channel we use to connect our remote team and share news. Pretty much any material is fair game. So many interesting stories come up every week that we decided to share a few with you in a regular digest.

#random might not appear directly related to our day job, but it’s a way of long distance bonding. #random helps us get to know each other better. What we find useful. What we find funny. Our passions.

In that sense, #random really is our day job: building the greatest team.


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