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How to improve staff retention in your contact centre

March 02, 2020

It’s only Tuesday lunchtime and Archie is drained of energy for the week. Archie works in the call centre for a high street bank. He’s just spent all morning handling the same type of call again and again: helping customers make bank transfers. All he has to do is input the information the customer tells him. Yesterday, he got verbally abused by a caller who was angry after being rerouted several times before he could access the correct telephone banking service. Archie hates this work. He took this job because he wanted to help people and he wishes he could spend more time solving real problems.

At DVELP, we believe in improving the experience on both sides of the customer service conversation. That means both customers and agents. The work we do improves the day-to-day of human agents in contact centres.

Staff turnover in the call centre industry is around 26% per annum, considerably above the national average of 15%. It’s easy to see why: they’re handling repetitive, mundane queries on things like opening hours and account statuses all day. The work rarely makes them feel emotionally connected and they’re held to demanding standards for wait times and average handling times. Sometimes, they’re on the receiving end of callers’ anger about dysfunctional routing/rerouting and unsolved repeat queries.

DVELP helps businesses implement AI and automation technology within their contact centres that changes all of this. Leveraging the best of Google AI, we are able to turn multi-step routing into a single step. The system asks the customer “What can we do for you today?” and then routes them to the correct destination by understanding their answer. Businesses we work with see customer satisfaction levels zoom upwards when they use this feature, meaning agents are dealing with happy customers. Happy customers don’t abuse customer service staff.

In the case of repetitive informational or transactional queries, we help businesses automate the conversation entirely. Their human agents no longer have to do the mundane, soul-draining tasks and instead are able to focus their efforts on the calls that produce value. These are the conversations that require the personal touch, that require human connection. It’s fulfilling and rewarding work.

During these conversations, we also help our clients with a feature called Agent Assist (part of Airline). While the agent is speaking to a customer, Airline will understand the speech in real time and suggest possible replies based on its knowledge of the system and of previous customer interactions.

The future we envision for contact centres is one where the agent doesn’t have to use their keyboard or mouse. They can purely focus on talking to the customer while the system understands the speech, processes the data in real time, prompts the agent with best solutions and automatically updates the clients records.

DVELP delivers greater alignment between effort and value.

When we work with businesses to add AI and automation into their contact centres, we improve jobs. This makes Archie’s daily work less stressful, more fulfilling and more valuable.


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