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Improve Customer Experience in 30 Minutes with Agent Assist

June 22, 2020

Tom and I recently ran a webinar in which we shared how to deploy cutting edge AI into your contact centre. We focused on Agent Assist, powered by a Google feature that helps contact centre agents when they interact with customers by suggesting knowledge, next best action - or even automating entire workflows, allowing agents to focus on delivering a great customer experience in the most productive way.

The area of natural language processing has seen some incredible advances over the last 12-18 months, driven by the application of machine learning to speech recognition. New technology is able to extract useful information from human speech, identifying intent and opening exciting new opportunities for automation.

The pace of development shows no sign of slowing down. A contributing factor to this trend is Google’s recent move to formally package their AI technology with the contact centre in mind: their CCAI suite. It consists of two primary functions: firstly, conversational AI that engages directly with customers. Our last webinar dove into this topic, demonstrating how to reduce call volumes in 30 minutes.

Secondly, Google CCAI supports contact centre agents during their customer interactions. Agent Assist is designed to provide continual, real-time conversation analysis within a contact centre. It then surfaces key information and offers prompts to guide the agent. This means that agents have the information their customer needs at their fingertips. No more time is wasted navigating through databases and flicking between screens to find the information that they need.

There are so many use cases: everything from suggesting knowledge to answer a customer enquiry, filling in key bits of data, monitoring compliance, real-time agent coaching or surfacing next best actions as the conversation progresses.

The goal is to help human agents to their job more effectively.

This webinar is now available on DVELP’s new Youtube channel! You can skip straight to a live demo of building Agent Assist workflows (given by DVELP CEO Tom Mullen) at timestamp 5:43. It really is this easy to harness the power of AI for your contact centre.


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