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Discover why your customers really call and how you can serve them better

July 03, 2020

Over a third of all customers prefer to use a voice channel when they get in contact with a business. This is no wonder - studies have shown that an occupied mind perceives time passing faster* so a spoken conversation can feel more fast-paced or immediate. For the same reason, when customers get in contact with a business they have no appetite to sit around and wait. One of the great failings of voice channels in the past has been wait times.

Historically, the main challenge for voice was that it was expensive and inefficient to run. What’s more, customer intent data was obscured meaning that the path to improving the channel could only be guessed at.

Businesses with modern contact centres need two key things to improve the voice channel: clear insight into conversation data and the careful use of automation.

DVELP offers a service - a 6 week programme - that helps businesses understand their customers requirements within their contact centres and build better solutions to improve them. We call it Intent Capture & Analysis (IC&A).

We surface insights into customer behaviour which our clients had only been guessing at before: specifically, the exact reasons customers call. Before using our service, many of our clients were using a limited set of options to categorise intents, meaning that they were missing key insights into customer behaviour. When we were able to equip them with accurate and detailed data about what was actually going on inside their contact centres, we enabled them to focus their attention on building the new features that will have the biggest impact.

For example, a recent DVELP client in the home services industry had a large volume of calls related to boilers. Through DVELP’s IC&A programme, they realised that a significant proportion of the calls were not technical issues, but actually just requests for boiler health checks.

With a different client, this time in the insurance industry, we found that a significant 1.5% of calls were requests for roadside assistance - but this was not one of their services.

We help our clients identify low-effort, high-return opportunities.

In the case of the boiler health check calls, it was clear that we had an opportunity to automate. There was no need for human agents to manage appointment booking - this could easily be handled by a bot at much less expense for the business and without any wait time for the customer.

For the insurance client receiving roadside assistance requests, we added a recorded voice that re-directed the callers to the right providers.

At DVELP, our goal is to create better alignment between effort and value. The data gathered during an IC&A project becomes the foundation of a proof-of-concept platform (POC) that demonstrates the capabilities of an automated solution. It highlights the time-wasting processes that you could unburden human agents with. As AI & Automation experts, we help our clients build automated processes which handle the requests in a much more cost and time efficient manner.

Our clients are always thrilled to realise that we can run such a POC without interfering with their customer experience. They can test the waters of automation virtually risk-free.

Intent Capture & Analysis is the first step on the path towards reduced Average Handling Time, slashed wait times, boosted routing accuracy and improved caller engagement.
Contact centre owners may be aware of the general opportunities for operational efficiency and customer experience offered by automation, but may be put off by enormous timelines, hefty prices and operational upheaval. It doesn’t have to be this way.

DVELP’s IC&A programme is designed to offer a low-risk foray into automation for established businesses. It’s all about data-gathering, experimentation and learning - and it only takes 6 weeks.

At the end of the programme, you could choose to walk away from the whole notion of contact centre automation, with at least understanding of how it would work for your business. However, going by our experiences with a portfolio of excited and happy clients, we’re pretty confident you’ll be ready to take the next step.

* The Guardian


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