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Is Twilio Flex a fit for my business?

November 06, 2019

Flex Interface

What is Twilio Flex?

Flex is a highly customisable contact centre platform. DVELP work with organisations to use Flex to reclaim control of your contact centre and develop features and functionality that fully realise what is possible with Twilio's platform.

With DVELP’s expert Flex team and our toolkit, companies can implement an omnichannel contact centre and programmatically customise every element of the experience including the agent interface, communication channels, interaction routing, and reporting to meet the unique needs of the organisation.

What do I need to know to work out if Flex is a fit?

Flex fits best for large to enterprise scale businesses who want to fundamentally change their contact centre operation. Process and technology has been a constraint for contact centre operation teams, limiting their ability to respond to consumer trends, improve customer journeys and support agents to do a better job. With Flex, organisations gain the power of a sophisticated enterprise grade contact centre with the flexibility to rapidly iterate to deliver better customer experiences, operational efficiencies and the rewarding work that keeps agents engaged.

  • Is your existing contact centre a bottleneck to new business opportunities?
  • Does your current contact centre stack not align with our customer experience goals and strategy?
  • Does your current contact centre stack fail to support your agents to provide great customer service?
  • Is customer service automation a strategic goal for your business?

Is your business ready for the Flex cultural shift?

Unlike on-prem contact centre, where it is necessary to purchase and maintain servers, hardware and infrastructure, Flex is cloud-based. This fundamentally changes the approach from maintenance to innovation.

Much like the shift of IT infrastructure to the cloud over the last couple of decades, Flex will necessitate a change of culture for your team. It enables innovation at an enterprise scale, you will be able to:

  • Expand product/service features
  • Improve ease-of-use
  • Design sophisticated customer journeys tailored to unique customer contexts
  • Rapidly prototype, develop and deploy new products and services
  • Reach new customers
  • Respond quickly to new business opportunities

It offers unprecedented flexibility to contact centre owners: you can scale existing platforms and processes, add (or remove) new and emerging channels and integrate new and old systems with full confidence that the Twilio platform will support you to be an early adopter.

Does Flex support my business’ channels?

Flex is omnichannel; you can add in any channel you like. Importantly, Flex lets agents manage tasks across multiple channels, all from one UI. Agents can save valuable time serving customers without being boxed into a channel, or spread across dozens of tabs.

As a customer, you will be painfully familiar with the endless transfers as you’re passed between agents and channels: each time you have to start from the top with a new agent and repeat your problem. With Flex, this is a process of the past. A single agent can easily turn a web chat into a voice call, while the system keeps track of Intentions in case a different agent needs to take over.

Flex then allows you to share information with the customer in the best channel: for instance, if it makes sense to follow up a phone call with information in an SMS, your agent can do that from the same interface.

With contextual information, you can give your agents a fuller sense of the customer they’re serving. Combine data from customer interactions on Flex with your own historical business data via webhook.

Why we love Flex

DVELP are building the future of the contact centre with Flex. We believe that the contact centre of yesterday is fundamentally broken. We see a different future.

Flex offers contact centre owners freedom from the rigid, siloed and cumbersome contact centres of the past decade. We love Flex’s enormous potential for seamless integration and its single agent UI.

With the plethora of fantastic Twilio products available, we love being able to create some incredible plugins. At DVELP, we specialise in adding AI and Automation, enabling our clients to offer incredible customer experiences whilst creating remarkable operational efficiencies.

Read more about our AI and Automation for contact centres and our Flex services.

Get in touch to discuss your Contact Centre transformation.


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