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Our Long-Term View

February 15, 2019

At DVELP, we plan for the long-term.

We aim to build relationships that last. We pride ourselves on our consistent quality of work.

Every project is an opportunity to prove ourselves. For us, the biggest win is not the first project with a client; it is the second. Embarking on a second project signifies the trust and confidence established through the quality of our work.

We establish open, trusting relationships with clients. We don’t conceal challenges to preserve appearances; we share proactively. By coding in full-view, we give clients the ability to make informed decisions.

Our long-term view extends to people power. We value the growth of our team members. We put in the work to mentor, up-skill and create opportunities for everyone.

This year, we’ve established a Personal and Professional Development plan. We’re rolling out training programmes across the team. As Twilio specialists, the programmes will boost those skill sets across the team and our new hires.

Over the past years, we’ve focused our efforts on Twilio projects in order to build but a specialised toolset. This means that when we start a new Twilio project, we’re familiar with the business challenges, we’ve probably already got part of the solution in our codebase, we’re adept with the tools and we know their potential.

We make sustainable business decisions. Our Twilio focus is a long-term commitment to our team, our clients and the team at Twilio.


This Chinese proverb says it all:

The longer the string, the higher the kite will fly.


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