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Nike + WIT Fitness: Reporting for Retail

Maria Christina
November 11, 2016

DVELP + Nike

Whatever It Takes (WIT) is the go-to training specialist retailer, stocking exclusive ranges from major brands and working tirelessly to source emerging training apparel worldwide. DVELP has been collaborating with WIT since their launch, creating their digital platform and supporting them with international expansion. Following the electric growth of the business, relying on compiling and communicating manual sales and inventory reports to partner brands was no longer efficient or viable. They needed a bespoke solution to collate and compile data that could be transmitted manually on a day-to-day basis.

DVELP + Nike

WIT’s internal stock and sales reports are vital for Nike to understand what is trending in the market, and to help them optimise sales and inventory management. We built a solution that allows daily data to be collected periodically and reports generated and communicated automatically, cutting out the manual, error-prone process.

DVELP + Nike

By constructing a platform that simplified and sped-up communication between WIT and Nike, we increased efficiency, saving hours of manual labour every week, helping the founders to concentrate on growing the business. This system has increased transparency on sales data and inventory levels, reducing the amount of stock on hand and creating a more efficient retail function. Our close collaboration and continued partnership with WIT shows that we can help a small business evolve technologically and work hand-in-hand with industry giants!


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