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NSPCC: Facilitating Communication with Twilio

Maria Christina
February 15, 2018


The first months of a child’s life are critical to their development. Yet, despite the importance of these early weeks and months, a survey by The Royal College of Midwives in the UK found that 75% of expectant mothers in low-income households receive no antenatal education at all (RCM, 2011).

This was the challenge brought to us by the NSPCC, the leading children’s charity, who needed to create a communication tool to help provide critical support to hard-to-reach expectant mums both before and after childbirth.


Following research and pilot scheme, the NSPCC identified that to increase attendance to perinatal classes in their Baby Steps Programme, engaging hard-to-reach mums is key. The findings also showed that these mothers are four times more likely to respond to SMS than any other medium.

We worked closely with the NSPCC to design and build an SMS-powered messaging platform using Twilio. The platform facilitated engagement while addressing the data protection issues that had so far deterred practitioners from using messaging tools.


This WhatsApp-style messaging service gave NSPCC practitioners the chance to connect directly with mums while respecting their privacy. With improved data protection and more effective communications between mums and practitioners, this service is key to the success of the Baby Steps Programme.

Fun fact: You can also try the messaging service yourself! Just read how to here!


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