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Should I build out my contact centre iteratively?

December 18, 2019

The short answer is yes.

In the past, contact centre owners have been painfully accustomed to bending process to fit product - but those days are over.

When we work on a Flex contact centre project, we start by asking our clients what their ideal process would be. Forget the functionality you’re familiar with and the workarounds you’ve embedded into your culture: what would be the best possible experience for customers, agents and managers?

Your customers would get in contact on the channel of their choice and receive a response immediately. They would ask their question which would be answered without delay.

Your agents would focus on solving your customers’ problems, rather than searching for data in multiple separate systems.

Your managers would have straightforward access to data showing call content, query trends and operational performance, both live and historic.

We turn that vision into reality step by step.

First, we spin up a basic version of Flex and get a couple of agents using it. With real data from calls and agent feedback, we build out functionality iteratively, focus on what would create immediate and real improvements.

This approach means that we don’t waste time on unnecessary features that agents won’t use. We have a laser focus on value.

On a recent project with an international corporate client, we collectively decided to work from a blank canvas and started with one question: what can Flex do that other solutions can’t? We started with a basic version of Flex and built out functionality iteratively. We focused on what the real time data and feedback showed us was important, meaning we ended up with a solution that operated seamlessly and created incredible customer experiences.

Businesses are accustomed to listing the 263 things that a solution needs to do, then they go out and find someone who can check every box. This is not the approach that leads to a differentiated customer experience. These businesses are not leaders.

Contact centre owners need to throw their preconceptions out the window. With technology from Twilio and Google Cloud, it is possible to build an incredible platform for your operation, but it is only worth it if you shake off old habits and embrace the iterative approach.


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