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Signal London 2017 - Recap

Richard and Louisa
September 21, 2017

On Tuesday, the DVELP team headed over to The Brewery for Twilio’s developer conference, Signal. The day was packed full of great sessions, but our highlight was easily CEO Jeff Lawson’s keynote featuring DVELP’s own CEO Tom Mullen!

Also attending were Rich Brown, one of our lead developers and head of our Twilio team at DVELP, and Louisa Crowder, who manages our marketing and new business. We attended a variety of talks, targeted at both technical and strategic professionals.

Here’s our highlights reel, with links to the recorded sessions if you didn’t make it this year!

Opening General Session | Jeff Lawson

Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson took to the main stage to kick off the day. He introduced Twilio Studio, a drag and drop editor for Twilio applications. Jeff also announced two new members of Twilio’s Hall of Doers: DVELP’s Tom Mullen and the NSPCC’s Kathleen Coor! Tom came onstage to talk about the project we undertook with the NSPCC, and you can watch that here.

Revolutionise the Customer Experience with Machine Learning | Laurant Picard

Google's Laurent Picard showed us the advantage of integrating Cloud Machine Learning to improve customer experience. He demonstrated three of the available pre-training models supplied by Google - Natural Language API for syntax, sentiment and entity analysis, Translation API for inter-language translation and the Speech API to convert speech into text. With his demo he was able to to show the sentiment of SMS sent in from the audience, including emojis and also an example with a voice call message. Impressively accurate and for a bonus point, completely serverless, very easy to see how it could be used to automate a customer service operation. See it here.

The Post-SS7 Future of SMS-based 2FA | B Byrne

Since January this year, bloggers have been heralding the death of SMS-based 2FA. However that has simply not been the case. In fact, it remains the most widely-used form of 2FA today. Head of Product at Authy, B, argues that “any 2FA is better than no 2FA”, something that we agree with strongly at DVELP, being adopters of Authy’s SMS 2FA in our own products. B also suggests a few workarounds to the SS7 vulnerability. (Expect an article expanding on this topic on the DVELP blog soon!). Catch B’s talk here.

GDPR and Beyond - Data Protection at Twilio | Sheila Jambekar

GDPR has been widely criticised of being wooly and ambiguous. Twilio's Associate General Counsel, Sheila, certainly helped clarify a few points. The key takeaway from Sheila’s talk was that there’s no one right answer to GDPR - you have to paint, in good faith, a target of what you think it means for your company. We also came away with a few ideas of how to ensure our clients’ software makes their lives easier in GDPR compliance. Sheila’s talk is available here.

How CarFinance 247 Built an Omnichannel Contact Centre and Improved Customer Engagement Rates with Twilio | Jonathan Wilson and Mark Quinn

Johnathan and Mark offered an interesting discussion on how they increased customer engagement by replacing their legacy call centre with a Twilio TaskRouter based solution. Improvements were gained by reducing wait times for customers and calls being routed to the agents with the correct skills or preferring agents that a customer had previously spoken to and they've also increased the touchpoints by adding SMS and Chat contact. The changes were, in part, responsible for a 12% uplift in conversation and the loss of 10+ customer complaints per day. You can catch it here.

We're incredibly proud to be Twilio partners and we can't wait to try out Twilio Studio. Thanks for having us at Signal; we're looking forward to next year!


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