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SIGNAL SF 2017 - Recap

May 30, 2017

Last week I made the trip over to San Francisco to checkout Twilio's global conference: SIGNAL.

I met some incredible people, Twilions and partners alike, witnessed some awesome talks and became even more passionate about the Twilio platform and the opportunities it offers to it's customers.

SIGNAL San Francisco 2017

My highlights of the event are as follows:

Ship More, Sink Less - Changing Chaos Engineering & Distributed Tracing:

Bruce discusses how to keep continual deployment central to the development cycle by creating an environment where developers can feel empowered and confident in their ability to ship rock-solid features regularly.

Watch the Video

Getting to Five Nines in the Cloud: Tales from the Trenches

Thomas runs through the infrastructure, architecture and attitude it takes to achieve 99.999% uptime AND availability in the cloud. I was particularly interested to see how percentage uptime/availability corresponds to actual time on a yearly and monthly basis - five nines is <10 hours a year. Seriously impressive!

Video Coming Soon

The Post-SS7 Future of Two-Factor Auth

'B' goes into detail about the SS7 security vulnerability and how it can be exploited to intercept SMS: a tactic that has been deployed to skirt round 2-FA and gain access to extremely sensitive data, including execution of illegal actions on bank accounts. The threat is continually evolving.

Watch the Video

Building a Modern Contact Center: Best Practices from the Field

Ameer and Abhijit did an awesome job of distilling the values of Task Router and how it can be applied in a real scenario: live demo included! An awesome talk that focuses on improving company to customer communications.

Watch the Video


SIGNAL was an overwhelming success, providing much food for thought around how we can help our clients build better, more secure platforms. We are extremely excited to carry the learnings forward and continue to build exciting and awesome products on top of Twilio.


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