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TechDay London 2016

October 27, 2016

TechDay has come to London for the first time. Humbler than its massive American cousins in size, the event was popular all the same. From tiny one-man startups like Vizmatch to bigger names like Hired or General Assembly there was no shortage of innovative offerings.

TechDay London

3 macro trends were on full display:

  • Communication APIs
  • Fintech
  • Brexit

API's like Zensend are on point as they offer secure, scalable, and affordable communications solutions. Startups helping companies communicate via data visualisation, 3D modeling or remote working tools were rife. As the next gen of tech evolves, having excellent internal and external comms solutions is moving from being a bonus to a survival essential.

Unsurprisingly for London, there was also quite an armada of fintech companies making a play for attention. Barclays' Rise, who accelerated our fintech client Dopay underscored this with their large contingent. The smart money is finally waking up to the threat posed by disruptive fintech.

From networking to mentoring to funding, several government-sponsored groups like TechCity were doing their best to counter fears of Brexit and entice startups to stay in London. The event showed no signs of a post-referendum hangover, but foreign companies are keen to take advantage of the slow-down in UK investment to outpace local competition.


2016's macro trends in comms, fintech and Brexit were easily visible at TechDay. Aside from a few logistical annoyances (no bicycle parking), the event ran smoothly overall and was valuable for making new connections. We'll be back in 2017!


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