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ThinkDirty: Cleaning Up Cosmetics

September 06, 2016

DVELP + ThinkDirty

An innovative social commerce platform which helps ingredient-conscious consumers select their beauty products, ThinkDirty, wanted to rebuild their API. They came to us because they needed a reliable and secure platform that would work at scale as the business grows.

DVELP + ThinkDirty

Working alongside the on-site team, we headed the API’s development, revolutionising the existing structure. A series of penetration and load testing during the build helped verify the API could withstand high concurrency and handle the large volume of data that the app would need to store. The data transmitted is of a sensitive nature, so we rolled out a custom-built authentication system to ensure peace of mind for both the ThinkDirty team and their loyal Dirty Thinkers.

DVELP + ThinkDirty

The ThinkDirty platform now has over half a million regular consumers and the app has executed more than 5.5 million scans. It stores information for over 3,600 brands and 350,000 products - and continues to grow. Three years on and we still maintain the functionality of the API we built and assist with their continued evolution.


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