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Tribe: Building a Business

Maria Christina
November 02, 2016


With the aspiration of becoming the brand in natural sports nutrition, Tribe asked us to make their dream a reality – to build their business. They wanted their user experience to be as easy and efficient as possible, from the moment the customer clicks on their website up to the moment the product is delivered to their door. They needed a platform to manage customer accounts and process payments, as well as subscription software that would get their product to customers on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.


During a consultation period, we evaluated existing SaaS software models, like Recurly, Chargify and Stripe, against Tribe’s needs to see if any of them might fit their needs. It was no surprise that an ‘off the shelf’ solution would not meet Tribe’s high expectations – a business of the future needs a service to match.

Therefore, we began to work on creating completely bespoke subscription software exclusively for Tribe. We built a tailor-made matrix, which allows the client to put together a personalised nutritional pack, choosing their own subscription frequency as well as the product type they want delivered.


We have been working side by side with Tribe ever since they launched two years ago. Not only did we help them identify the type of software they needed, but we also understand their business challenges and how our software can evolve to help their business continue to grow. Our platform and ongoing consultation has allowed for Tribe to develop into a digital leader in natural sports nutrition. And that’s something we're proud of.


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