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Customer Service Automation
with Google AI and Twilio

Bring Google AI to
your contact centre

Be swifter, smarter and leaner. Help your customers self-serve, your agents focus on value and give your analysts the control they need.

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Globally connected
omnichannel through Twilio

Meeting your customers in the channel they prefer. Seamlessly switching between channels when required to increase conversions and first time resolutions.

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Customers get what they need

Allow customers to help themselves with delivery updates, product issues, balance checks. 24/7 service and intent-based routing means answers are delivered the first time.

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Agents become more productive

Enhance agents’ knowledge, performance and speed. Airline makes agents more effective with contextual customer information and automation of wrap-up tasks.

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Analysts control the
customer journey

Analysts can improve customer experience in parallel with delivering operational efficiency. Their insights power continuous improvement and lets teams make immediate changes to real-time customer issues.

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Marks & Spencer

Natural Language Routing

An AI-powered NLR application that handles 11 million calls a year

The modern day call centre has taken some significant technological advances over the past few years and multinational retailer Marks & Spencer want to stay ahead of the curve.

To ensure they can offer best-in-class customer experiences, M&S asked DVELP to help replace a legacy phone system. The build had to maintain high-availability and uptime during open hours and an MVP had to be ready for production deployment in 30 days.

DVELP built an intelligent routing system that both dramatically improves 11 million customer experiences every year and empowers managers with seamless, live analytics.

Key Product Outcomes

  • 11 million calls a year
  • 70% increased routing accuracy over rigid DTMF IVR
  • 95% utterances translated into actionable intents
  • 95% caller response/engagement
  • 10 seconds saved in Contact Centre Average Handling Time due to automated ‘Reason For Call’
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“We were able to prototype a solution in just four weeks and put it to the test during our busiest retail days of the year.”

Chris McGrath, IT Programme Manager | M&S
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