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Power Up Your People


Great customer service is the new competitive advantage.

Successful, disruptive companies don’t just focus on delivering a better product.

They deliver an all-round customer experience; that means exceptional customer service.

Customers expect you to be available through their preferred channel. They want to engage on the move and across multiple channels; desktop, mobile and messenger.

Great companies value their customers’ time.

Delight Your Customer

  • Seamless omni-channel experience
  • Holistic customer experience
  • AI-powered for improved self-service interactions
  • Less time on hold

“In crowded markets, great companies distinguish themselves at a customer service level.”

George Hu | COO Twilio
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Power-up your agents with better tools to spend more time resolving real issues.

Through the power of AI and skill-based routing, your agents will spend less time on transactional tasks and more time focused on the customer.

Airline consolidates channels (voice, SMS, Messenger, live chat) to give your agents a single interface for managing customer communication.

Less Time, More Value

  • A single customer view with CRM integration
  • Intelligently route customers
  • Reduce time on transactional tasks
  • Empower and up-skill your agents
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Integrate Airline into your Shopify store to horizontally scale your customer support.

Present agents with contextual information to save time searching and allow them to get to a resolution more quickly.

Automate order lookups, stock-checks, retrieval of opening hours, delivery information and more with a fully customisable, AI-powered bot.


  • Horizontally scale your customer support
  • Surface key customer and order information to agents
  • Enable omni-channel with ease
  • Automated to handle key customer queries
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Airline can be rapidly customised to fit your requirements.

CRM integrations help re-imagine your existing processes to provide agents with context and reach resolutions efficiently.

Unlike traditional telephony platforms, Airline supports unrestricted access to third party APIs and ecosystem partners to deliver a fully extensible solution.

Airline is built for agility, adaptability and scale.

Key Benefits:

  • Extensible architecture designed to integrate into a rich ecosystem
  • Add or remove channels to suit your needs
  • Remove vendor lock-in and leverage best-in-class APIs
  • Full audit log of consumer conversations
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  • Automation and self-serve opportunities powered by AI
  • Collect key contextual information to prime agents
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  • Analyse voice calls or messages for sentiment
  • Provide real-time,contextual information
  • Automate agent whisper for training and regulatory prompts
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Wrap up

  • Tear down chats, recordings and transcriptions to your CRM
  • Trigger automated customer or agent surveys
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