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A few of our recent projects


Marks & Spencer

Natural Language Routing

An AI-powered NLR application that handles 11 million calls a year

The modern day call centre has taken some significant technological advances over the past few years and multinational retailer Marks & Spencer want to stay ahead of the curve.

To ensure they can offer best-in-class customer experiences, M&S asked DVELP to help replace a legacy phone system. The build had to maintain high-availability and uptime during open hours and an MVP had to be ready for production deployment in 30 days.

DVELP built an intelligent routing system that both dramatically improves 11 million customer experiences every year and empowers managers with seamless, live analytics.

Key Product Outcomes

  • 11 million calls a year
  • 70% increased routing accuracy over rigid DTMF IVR
  • 95% utterances translated into actionable intents
  • 95% caller response/engagement
  • 10 seconds saved in Contact Centre Average Handling Time due to automated ‘Reason For Call’
Dvelp web images ms 2

“We were able to prototype a solution in just four weeks and put it to the test during our busiest retail days of the year.”

Chris McGrath, IT Programme Manager | M&S
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Next Level Fintech

A trade matching platform built on Twilio

Communication between financial services organisations and their clients takes place over a number of channels and are often ad-hoc and unstructured. This creates a significant problem in protecting data security and accountability.

Through a mixture of natural language processing, skill based task routing and the creation of an audit trail in order to comply with stringent regulatory conditions, DVELP built Opsmatix. Opsmatix is an application which allows clients to track and settle confirmations of equity and bond trades.

Key Product Outcomes

  • Multi-channel communication platform
  • Skill and priority based task routing
  • AI-powered data parsing
  • Queries automatically matched with context
  • Ability to query 3rd party services
Dvelp web images opsmatix

“I was very impressed with DVELP’s performance and their ability to incorporate our feedback. They provided post-development support and responded to any requests or issues within minutes.”

David Deane, Managing Partner | Fimatix
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SMS-Based Group Messaging

A low-friction group messaging tool that works on almost every device

Following research, the NSPCC identified that to increase attendance to perinatal classes in their Baby Steps Programme, engaging hard-to-reach new parents is key. The findings also showed that these new parents are four times more likely to respond to SMS than any other medium.

Using Twilio’s Programmable SMS, DVELP created a custom messaging platform. The final product was a low-friction group messaging tool that works on almost every device, giving NSPCC practitioners the chance to connect with hard-to-reach new parents whilst respecting their privacy.

Key Product Outcomes

  • Improving the lives of hard-to-reach new parents
  • Works on almost every device
  • Preserves anonymity of members
  • Compliance with strict regulations
  • Low-friction platform
Dvelp web images nspcc

“We’re excited to welcome Tom Mullen of DVELP and Kathleen Coor of NSPCC into Twilio’s Hall of Doers for their work on the Baby Steps programme”

Jeff Lawson, CEO | Twilio
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British airways

Internal Communications
Using SMS

Most Twilio use cases are externally-facing, especially with SMS. However, DVELP’s British Airways solution is an internal communication tool. The solution has been implemented to boost operational efficiency through fast and effective messaging.

British Airways asked DVELP to build them a communication tool that would deliver financial announcements to 10,000 colleagues all around the world, simultaneously. It would need to deliver a short amount of text and an audio message.

British Airways and DVELP identified SMS as the best channel for this tool because SMS is virtually device-agnostic, has an average open rate of 94%, and is cost-effective using Twilio.

Key Product Outcomes

  • Device agnostic notifications
  • Delivers audio messages
  • Alphanumeric sender ID
  • CSV upload to admin interface
  • Two-factor authentication
Dvelp british airways phone

“While most communications projects are externally-facing, the team was excited to apply our skills to this internal comms challenge.”

Ross Wilson, Product Manager | DVELP
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