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Trade Matching with Twilio


Communication between financial services organisations and their clients takes place over a number of channels and are often ad-hoc and unstructured. This creates a significant problem in protecting data security and accountability. Particularly in exception handling, process workflows cause issues as human error, high volumes and a lack of consistency lead to frequent mistakes.

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Opsmatix is a product from Fimatix, who specialise in complete solutions for automation problems in financial services. Opsmatix automates operational processes - reducing or eliminating the need for human intervention.


Ad-hoc and unstructured communications between financial services organisations and their clients creates a significant problem in protecting data security and accountability.


Manual inefficiency, lack of clear process, poor audit trail, lack of centralisation across different channels of communication.


Through a mixture of natural language processing, skill based task routing and the setting up of an audit trail, we built Opsmatix.

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With Opsmatix, we looked at how we could use automation and real time communications to improve the efficiency of this process. Working with technology partners GFT and domain experts from Fimatix, we created Opsmatix to address the following industry issues:

  • Manual inefficiency
  • Lack of clear process
  • Poor audit trail
  • Lack of centralisation across different channels of communication

These are particularly evident in the area of transaction settlements, including the trade of equities and bonds. Exceptions in this context happen frequently for all sorts of reasons - including manual data entry mistakes and misheard phone conversations.

“I was very impressed with their performance and their ability to incorporate our feedback. They provided post-development support and responded to any requests or issues within minutes”

David Deane, CEO | Fimatix

Key Product Features

  • Multi-channel communication platform
  • Skill and priority based task routing
  • AI-powered data parsing
  • Queries automatically matched with context
  • Ability to query 3rd party services


We set out to create a solution that could solve these issues using automation, speeding up the process and streamlining it for all agents. Through a mixture of natural language processing (NLP), skill based task routing and the setting up of an audit trail in order to comply with stringent regulatory conditions, we built Opsmatix.

Opsmatix is an application which allows clients to track and settle confirmations of equity and bond trades. Issues are raised via email, SMS or voice call and prioritised based on urgency. The artificial intelligence element, which drives the natural language processing, allows the incoming query to be parsed for information pertinent to the transaction. Opsmatix helps operations agents deal with their queries rapidly by matching the transaction in the email with the database of live and historic transactions. This reduces the amount of time agents spend identifying issues and lets them focus on resolution, increasing productivity.

Agents can also query 3rd party services, as well as contact clients and banks via the agent portal to understand the cause of the issues. Upon resolving the issue, the agent marks the task as complete, and a report is sent to the customer providing detail about the query.

Opsmatix is built using Twilio’s Task Router and Programmable Voice functionality, meaning the product is underpinned by technology which has been extensively tested and is fully scalable.

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