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DVELP x Twilio

Infinitely-flexible and elastically scalable. Twilio Flex delivers you a contact centre with enterprise-grade control and speed on a battle-tested network.

Customer experience.
Operational Efficiency.
Focus above
the value line.

In traditional contact centre deployments, obsolescence begins on the day the project finishes. A Flex project with DVELP is different. Through automation of set up and a process of continual improvement, we get the basics done quickly. When Flex is set up and seeing traffic, that’s when we get to work. Our automated process allows us to set up a basic production implementation of Flex in the first week. This lets us collect real data and begin planning how we optimise the contact centre.

We focus on key business metrics and value drivers for end-customers to map out the low effort, high value features and systematically work through them. The process creates a gravitational pull around what’s important to our clients and their customers. It forces us to continually shift the value line. What others consider to be a point of difference, we consider the base case.

DVELP 12 week FLEX
Launch programme

  • Discuss and Agree High-level Objectives
  • Identify Your Key Use Case
  • Outline Process for Delivery
Deep Dive
  • Map Existing Landscape
  • Define Target Architecture
  • Create Phased Rollout Plan
  • Gather Quantitative Data
  • Identify the Path of Least Resistance
  • Reduce Risk
  • Agile Delivery
  • Ship Early and Often
  • Analyse and Iterate

Automate Customer Experience

We will work with you to identify areas for automation in your contact centre.

By implementing self-serve opportunities, we will help you scale your contact centre operation and deliver value to your customers more quickly.

We have learnt that the best products are built when we work side-by-side with our clients, as a partner, in a collaborative and iterative manner.

Deploy Faster

Flex your contact centre with our speedy launch programme.

We’re a team of highly skilled developers with a lazer focus on Twilio. Over our years of experience, we have developed a specialised Twilio toolset. This combination allows us to ramp up quickly and decrease ‘time to live’.

The result is more time spent focused above the value line, delivering value early.

Bring AI to the Contact Centre

Power-up your agents with better tools to spend more time resolving real issues.

Leveraging the power of Google CCAI, we’ll boost the efficiency of your contact centre.

Your agents will be able to spend less time on transactional tasks and more time focused on the customer.

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