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Our ‘Studio’


As founder and CEO, Tom is at the very heart of what DVELP is and does.

He considers himself a facilitator: he wants everybody in the company to feel empowered to do the things they need to. Tom is particularly skilful at helping people who come to him with problems: instead of solving them he gives them just the right nudge so they can solve it themselves. He’s immensely proud to have built a team aligned on goals, that transcends nationalities and borders. He has extremely high standards and implicitly trusts the people he works with: a combination that gives everyone at DVELP the opportunity to achieve incredible things.


Julia works at the frontend on her projects at DVELP.

She worked alongside our founder, Tom, before the birth of DVELP, so she’s been here for the entire journey and has seen us through every single project! Julia has the most amazing eye for detail; with a healthy obsession for clarity and perfection in code, she ensures our projects are consistently presented at an incredibly high standard, inside and out. Away from her computer, Julia is an animal lover, and a keen horserider.


Developer Ilya is is obsessive about delivery.

He does whatever it takes to ensure our projects deliver on excellence and will put in the extra hours to make sure a project meets its deadline. He’s also particularly good at understanding the value of building products that fit into other commercial objectives. Ask him about remote working and he will tell you that he can work from absolutely anywhere … except home.


Vitalii is our data master, with an unparalleled aptitude for coding database structures.

He likes to visually map out how data will be stored on paper and envision fluent workflows before making it a reality with code. He’s particularly proud of how the team executed the Curador project and its beautifully clear database structure. Vitalii has an enthusiastic attitude when he works and he’s always happy to get on with the job in hand. He’s passionate in his career, and is always looking to improve himself and his skills.


Rich is a lead developer; he is particularly skilled with Twilio TaskRouter and Authy.

He joined DVELP after having worked at the BBC, Lonely Planet and Housetrip, and he is now head of our Twilio team. Rich possesses both a sharp eye for detail and an awareness of the greater scope of the project. This skillset has proven to be invaluable at DVELP because he is able to streamline projects, focus on what matters and let go of unnecessary smaller components.

Maria Christina

Maria Christina and Louisa come as a pair; together they run DVELP’s marketing efforts. Maria Christina’s focus is editorial.

She curates and creates fantastic content for DVELP’s blog and has procured some brilliant speakers for the DVELP podcast, which she also co-hosts. Additionally, Maria Christina supports and maintains internal communication, nurturing the community feel of our team. Never short of words, Maria Christina is a true internationalist who can can speak 5 languages: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish!


In DVELP’s marketing duo, Louisa’s focus is strategy.

She has an analytical mindset and is skilled at spotting trends. DVELP is growing rapidly, and as it does Louisa rapidly assimilates knowledge of new and emerging sectors and markets in tech to make sure we always land on our feet. She loves to share this knowledge through the company blog! Louisa also co-hosts the podcast where she can be relied upon to ask insightful questions; she has a knack for cutting through fluff and identifying the heart of the matter in hand.


Egor is a Ruby guy and, in his own words, he solves business problems with code.

His eye for coding solutions has been refined through an incredible amount of experience: he started coding aged only 14. In his spare time these days, Egor gives talks to share his expertise. At DVELP he brings valuable insight and analysis to our projects. Interestingly, since he works remotely you’d never realise it, but he’s actually 6’9” (2.1m) tall!


Yuriy is a wonderfully solid and reliable member of the backend DVELP team.

He has a calm presence, and is a joy to work alongside. He also has a flair for spotting problem code and correcting it way before it becomes an issue; his efforts contribute hugely towards our products running smoothly from kickoff. This knack comes from his intuitive understanding of code; as a student he once set up an Angular JS from scratch with no previous experience!


Ilya is a full stack Ruby on Rails developer. He has an enduring positive mentality which he brings to every project.

Quite remarkably, at the beginning of his career, he took a course with Geekhub and narrowly missed achieving the diploma - today he teaches that course. His commitment is absolute and he's always researching the latest coding trends and adding to his skills. His life took a surprisingly different direction when he fell in love with coding, he was going to be a weightlifter - he could lift a 105kg deadlift when he was 12!


Nikita specialises in Twilio implementation.

He’s worked with all of their products: Programmable Voice, SMS, Task Router, Facebook integrations - you name it, he’s implemented it. However, Nikita’s a full-stack guy, meaning he’s also great with design. He was recently amongst the winners of an interface design competition run by Russian social media giant VK. The variety of Nikita’s skills spreads beyond the world of programming: in his free time he’s also a freestyle slalom skating champ!

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