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Our ‘Studio’


As founder and CEO, Tom is at the very heart of what DVELP is and does.

He considers himself a facilitator: he wants everybody in the company to feel empowered to do the things they need to. Tom is particularly skilful at helping people who come to him with problems: instead of solving them he gives them just the right nudge so they can solve it themselves. He’s immensely proud to have built a team aligned on goals, that transcends nationalities and borders. He has extremely high standards and implicitly trusts the people he works with: a combination that gives everyone at DVELP the opportunity to achieve incredible things.


Julia is passionate about the visual part of projects and is our frontend specialist.

Working on a wide variety of different challenges, she enjoys creating frontend frameworks and is interested in learning more about React.js in order to continue her growth as a specialised developer.

When she isn’t working she likes to watch Runaway Bride (again) and enjoys going on long walks - although her preferred mode of travel would be through time.


Laying the foundation of a project by implementing the backend is Ilya’s speciality.

His interest in all things digital goes beyond the professional and he spends his free time working on the Unity3d gamedev studio.

His favourite pizza topping? Meat, meat and… meat (but he won’t say no to seafood either).


Vitalii is a Ruby on Rails specialist, whose main area of expertise is backend development.

When he isn’t working on self-development, he likes to play WarCraft, Counter-Strike and Hearthstone and frequently ponders about his most desired super power.

Reading minds is definitely at the top of that list.


Jason is your first point of contact whether you’re a new or existing client. He is responsible for making processes simpler and everyone’s lives easier.

He has honed his invaluable skills in jobs ranging from business consulting at Accenture to boutique ice cream parlour expansion. He loves how affordable niche apps like Harvest and Slack help small businesses compete with the big boys.

Moreover, he has been known to give pretty good Best Man speeches, which are the perfect combination of making the Groom squeamish without upsetting grandma.


Rich joined DVELP after having worked at the BBC, Lonely Planet and Housetrip, and is now head of our Twilio team.

He has also created extensive code for PSTN and call centres. He works on Ruby on Rails projects both front and backend and would like to discover more about the Internet of Things.

Aside from creating impeccable code, he strives to bake the ultimate cake and is considering making the jump into virtual reality. The only thing he’s missing is a PS4.

Maria Christina

Maria Christina and Louisa come as a pair, together they are in charge of DVELP’s marketing efforts. Maria Christina’s focus is editorial.

She curates and creates fantastic content for DVELP’s blog and has procured some brilliant speakers for the DVELP podcast, which she also co-hosts. Additionally, Maria Christina supports and maintains internal communication, creating a community. Never short of words, Maria Christina is a true internationalist who can can speak 5 languages: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish!


In DVELP’s marketing duo, Louisa’s focus is strategy.

She has an analytical mindset and is skilled at spotting trends. DVELP is growing rapidly, and as it does Louisa rapidly assimilates knowledge of new and emerging sectors and markets in tech to make sure we always land on our feet. She loves to share this knowledge through the company blog! Louisa also co-hosts the podcast where she can be relied upon to ask insightful questions; she has a knack for cutting through fluff, building solid arguments and identifying what’s at the heart of the matter in hand.


Trying to solve real world business problems by code, Egor is a Ruby On Rails and React.js connoisseur.

He is a seasoned web developer who actively contributes to open source channels and wants to learn more about Phoneix, ClojureScript and Go. He is a true digital nerd, who enjoys coding in his free time and who loves pineapple on his pizza more than anything else.


One of our backend development specialists, Yuriy’s expertise in computer science and his love of AI means that he’s on track to becoming the next Tony Stark.

He also enjoys ice skating, catching up over a beer, and likes to be up to date on the advancements in the machine learning sector. His choice of fuel to keep him going at work? Caviar (and coffee), of course.


Intent on making the implementation process as smooth and fun as possible, Vania is one of our experienced backend programmers.

His skills range from building e-commerce platforms, all the way to web designing and the Internet of Things.

He has created a beginner course on github to help developers grow professionally and would like to learn more about React and Elixir/Phoenix. On top of all that, Vania is also avid skiier and ice skater.


Ilya is a Ruby on Rails enthusiast, with a passion for helping others get to grips with the complexities of coding.

He is constantly teaching himself new skills by attending Ruby related conferences and enjoys helping people out on github. He volunteers at a local organisation, which helps students learn how to code.

In his free time Ilya can be found going on long walks or binge watching Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead.

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