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How To Show Your Customers Some Love On Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2020

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it’s a good time to start showing your customers that you care about them.

Contact centres of past decades used to infuriate customers. All they managed to demonstrate was that the business was taking them for granted. Today, the contact centre experience is an opportunity to connect with and delight your customers - to show them that you care about them and their time.

Here are 5 ways you can show your customers some love:

  1. Get them to the resolution quickly

    Don’t make your customers navigate long decision trees. Nothing kills the mood like listening to a recorded voice list off “Press 1 to make a booking, press 2 for opening hours, etc.”

    By using Natural Language Processing it is possible to have a one-step routing system. The IVR asks “What can we help you with today?”, the customer responds “I want an update on my order” and the system zooms them across to the most appropriate representative.

  2. Have their information to hand

    Customers usually find it annoying when they need to repeat themselves. If they identified themselves to the IVR when they first called in, that information should be passed onto the agent and the customer should not need to repeat it.

    You can delight your customers by having full contextual information to hand. Your system should show your agents what plan this customer is on, what insurance premium they’ll need to pay, and what past issues they have had to call in with.

  3. Create a seamless experience between channels

    Did your customer call in but you need to send them detailed instructions? Provide a seamless support experience by emailing them the information and keeping the same agent available on the email thread for any follow up queries.

    With a single screen omnichannel agent interface, this seamless experience for both the customer and the agent is possible.

  4. Provide consistent information

    Does your website say one thing and your agent another? Avoid confusing and infuriating your customers by keeping your help centre synced with your contact centre.

    Make sure your information is up to date and aligned with live events in your business.

  5. Resolve their query correctly the first time around

    Focus on query resolution rather than call length. If you’re focusing on keeping conversations short rather than effective, agent and customer time is wasted when customers must repeatedly get back in contact to resolve the same issue.

This Valentine’s Day, make DVELP your cupid! As experts in AI & Automation in Contact Centres, we can help you with all of these ways to show your customers you love them.

Check out our case studies for examples of our work, or get in touch to discuss how to rekindle the flame!


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